Principal’s Message

Architecture stands testimony of our travel through timeline. Sages have said that "Time Was, Time Is and Time Will Be. Time is an imperishable heritage and it beckons from our past". Architecture is a profession driven by passion for aesthetic and creativity.

It is a field where the love for art and technology are fused to paint a picture on the canvas of nature for the society to see, nurture, enjoy and appreciate. We had the humble beginning of Architecture in VSAP, Hyderabad in the year 2010 with the intention to nurture the young budding talents in the field of architecture through the 5-year long journey, turning them to be responsible, committed and nature friendly architects to the society.

Success is something which comes from consistent hard work and there are no short cuts or supplementary channels to accomplish it easily. Architecture is a lifelong committed journey of endless learning. The day you graduate, you elevate yourself from minus to zero level.

The Journey begins…...It’s up to the student to take it to higher levels positively by being truthful and honest in the profession. We at VSAP inculcate these values to the students right from the day one as part of our educational training so that they become responsible architects with ethics and values, serving the humanity on a global platform.


Prof. N. Ramaswamy


Welcome to
Vaishnavi School of Architecture and Planning

Vaishnavi School of Architecture and Planning (VSAP) had its humble beginning in the year 2010 situated in the city of Pearls -"Hyderabad" with its long history and urban complexity also created its base in the recent times in Vijayawada in the year 2015.

It is considered to be best emerging institution with in less stipulated time. It’s undergraduate student program is much sought from across India with enrolment through extremely competitive exam with a vision to provide an excellent educational experience for students intending to enter the profession of architecture with a goal of imparting quality education in the field of architecture and enhancing the quality of the built environment to the community through professionals, graduate from this institution.

VSAP believes in encouraging new ideas while inculcating human values. Our tight-knit student community, engaging campus life enables students to make architecture a passion that they enjoy in a lifelong career.