Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

I am deeply honoured to extend a warm welcome to you all on the official website of Vaishnavi School of Architecture and Planning, Hyderabad.

I am Prof. K J A B Babu, privileged to serve as the principal of this institution, and I would like to convey the core values that define us, the importance of education, and the ideals we uphold.

   "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

We firmly believe that with education, we can achieve anything. It empowers us, opens doors to knowledge, and broadens our horizons. As you embark on your educational journey with us, remember that you hold the key to unlocking your limitless potential.

At VSAP, respect and punctuality are not just words; they are guiding principles.        "Punctuality is the soul of business." - Thomas Chandler  

Respect for one another is the cornerstone of our college culture. Punctuality teaches us the value of time and commitment, ensuring that we make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. With these principles, we firmly believe that everything is possible.”

At VSAP, we are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience. Our dedicated faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and vibrant community of learners create an environment where excellence thrives. I encourage you to explore our website to discover the wealth of opportunities and resources available to you.

Warm regards,

Prof. K J A B Babu 


Vaishnavi School of Planning and Architecture

Prof. K. J. A. B. Babu